One World Heart Project is passionate about helping children live healthier, happier lives and we are thrilled to offer teachers and schools a fun program that introduces the concept of values, goodness and health into their classrooms.

Adopt-a-Mouse is a simple idea, based on decades of scientifically grounded research; Doing Good is Good for You. Our comprehensive program (based on the book, Better than Cheese, written by Cam Vuksinich and Illustrated by Lindy Hargrave) addresses the physical, emotional, social and academic benefits of values-based education. We have teamed up with Dr. Stephen Post, bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People, and internationally recognized expert in the field of altruism.  Adopt-a-Mouse offers teachers a simple, evidence-based approach to supporting children in developing the necessary social emotional skills that are the foundation of a healthy, successful life.


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Amazing Mouse in now in 65+ classrooms. That’s right, the amazing little fella is working with over 3,000 kids a year!

Award Winning

Better than Cheese is the winner of Two EVVY Awards for Children’s Story Book and Children’s Picture Book. 



Reviews of Better Than Cheese:

Cam Vuksinich is a culture leader focused on uplifting people into lives of healing kindness and good will.  This beautiful book connects her message to young kids growing up in a confusing world and slows parents to engage with their children at the level of heart love and joyful giving.  Children need this message and younger and younger ages if they are to successfully navigate through life.

What a lovely and healthy book!  Thanks Cam, we are in your debt!

~Stephen Post Ph.D., bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People and The Hidden Gifts of Helping.  Dr. Post is a leader in the study of altruism, compassion and love. Post has been quoted in more than 3000 national and international newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, U.S. News and World Report, the Wall Street Journal, “O” magazine and Psychology Today.


Better Than Cheese is a delightful, sweet way to help children celebrate kindness – the most important quality in life!  Congratulations on a book much needed in today’s difficult world.

~Julie Clark, Founder of Baby Einstein 


Cam Vuksinich is a compassionate visionary, who shares her wisdom in the delightful children’s book.  She reveals that little acts of kindness, which cost almost nothing, go a long way to bringing happiness, peace and health to our world.  This book talks to the insecure child in all of us, opening our hearts and minds to genuine generosity and love.

~Christine Page MD, bestselling author of Frontiers of Health, Healing the Whole Person