Stories from a Flip Side Event at Starbucks

We had an amazing time at the Starbucks in Greenwood Village July 16th. Lots of people opened their hearts and shared some of their wisdom. Thanks to all those who gave of themselves to inspire others. Below are some of the stories, thoughts and quotes we gathered. Giving is as easy as sharing…

“Forget quickly what you give and always remember what you receive.”

“We are all made differently; however, we are living in one world which connects us together. Meeting new people in life can bring hope, joy, and love in your life.”

“I went through a stage in my life where I found myself constantly criticizing others because they did things differently than I would, or I thought my way was best. Not only did I find myself generally in a worse mood, but I soon, realized that if everyone did things like me or if no one thought differently, this world would be boring. I’m now finding these differences to be a positive thing and appreciate that it makes life fun and interesting. We need people to be different.”

“Love God; love others; nothing else matters.–a reduction of the Gospel of St. John.”

“Be thankful for who you are today, but continue to strive for who you want to be tomorrow. Stand out by making a difference. Let the most important things be what you’re passionate about and what you believe in, not what society or politics say should be important. No act of kindness is too small, and this world is in need of people who are willing to put others first. Be that person, and you will never know what battle somebody could be fighting and how important a generous act might mean to him.”

“The main discovery I have made after 50 years is that God loves us. I find my greatest peace going to mass and reading Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation. I’ve also recently read The Heart and The Fist. That should be required reading for our young adults. I would like to also share about something I learned being around seniors. That is, no one cares how much money you make, or what you did for a living. What matters is how you treated others and the relationships you’ve made over the years. Small acts done with great kindness matter.”

“Try and picture being born not knowing who your family is. Your mom did meth and you didn’t even know your dad’s name. When a child is born into this kind of situation, that is where my family steps in. In life, the hardest deed to accomplish is opening your arms wide for another person knowing you get nothing in return, but your own satisfaction. Taking care of a child in their first year of life knowing you will never see them again heartbreakingly rips that little patch in your heart, but is replaced with that true feeling of knowing you did something right in another person’s life. If we all step up and embrace a small but impacting deed, the world will slowly become a better place. We all have that pure goodness inside of us, so acknowledge it, don’t ignore it, and use it to do what’s right.”

“Ten years ago I was a victim of a serial predator. Today, I volunteer my time to speaking out for victims rights. I work to educate police, DA’s offices, and victim’s advocates to do better for the next victim that they work with. Life has handed me some significant hardships, but though the love of family, friends, and God, my life has become better and I have been able to make something positive and life changing from something (and someone) that initially brought hurt and pain. My advice? Always see struggles as a way of growing and FIND THE GOOD IN EVERYTHING!!!

“What would I tell a newborn? What piece of advice would I give? Don’t forget to find time to do the same thing you’re doing now…smile when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad, and take time to just sit there and enjoy the ride.”

“It’s important to celebrate the people in our lives. To appreciate all the things they add to our lives because it shows them we think they matter.”

“I just met 2 people who I will never forget. They opened their hearts and reminded me of just how good life can be and all they did was care. How simple is that??”

“The craziest thing I want to do is make the world a better place to live for everyone. Through small acts of giving we can make a difference.”

“Just when I thought my life was going in the wrong direction, someone took the time to reach out and turn my life around by reminding me that I matter and I can make a difference.”

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