A Simple Act of Kindness Yields Unexpected Returns…

I was on my way out of a store when a little old lady in her blue raincoat said to me: “Do you think you could give me a ride home? It’s raining and I walked here.” I said “Sure. I would be happy to.” We then drove not more than a half a mile sharing stories along the way. She told me how she shouldn’t have done yard work the day before because now she was paying for it. Normally she would ask her neighbor, but he was busy. She also mentioned how her age was catching up with her. I looked at her in shock thinking you must be over 80. I was impressed that she could still care for herself, live alone, and walk everywhere she needed to go. (I hope I’m as capable as she is when I’m over 80.)

So I dropped her off. She asked me if I would like some coupons or something for my trouble. I reassured her that it was no trouble. Then she asked me my name and said she would pray for me. I told her what a kind gesture that would be…but added a request for her to pray for my father who was in the hospital. She looked up to the sky and said “I’ll pray for him, but I know he’ll be just fine.” I thanked her. We said our goodbyes and parted.

After I drove off I thought to myself did I just meet an angel? I wasn’t sure what exactly happened, but I do know that for my small act of kindness I received a true gift. Thank you J for your words of wisdom and prayers. It was exactly what I needed in that moment.

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