To Amaze, Astonish or Surprise Someone.

What is Bowled-Over? It’s a simple way to share, and make a BIG difference!  

We place unique artisan bowls in a variety of locations from schools to offices, encouraging the first group to fill the bowl with positive thoughts.  We then deliver that kindness-filled bowl to a school, business, organization or individual to be “Bowled-Over” by the inspirational messages.  A simple idea that not only uplifts, but also creates unexpected, positive connections between kids and business professionals, seniors and teens, and people who might never have the opportunity to meet!  You’ve been Bowled-Over.  Pass It On.

Who do we want to inspire? Children.  Teachers.  Professionals.  Seniors.  Vets.  Firefighters.  Police Officers. 

If you know someone or a group that needs to be “Bowled-Over,” contact us at:

Where do we want to place the bowls? Schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, homes, churches. 


Why is this important? Every Bowled-Over connection has the power to:

-Inspire a Child’s Future

-Teach Social/Emotional Skills

-Offer Experiential Learning Activities

-Encourage CommunityOutreach 

-Make Unexpected Connections

-Build Bridges between Generations

-Connect People of Different Races, Genders, and Cultures.

Thinking Ahead….

This is an ongoing initiative. We want goodness to become contagious.  Bowls will be placed in different locations connecting people and starting conversations.  The bowls stay at each location for a short time and then move to the next designated location.  Smile and Repeat…

About the bowls…. Inside Every Tree Is A Hero.

These one-of–a-kind bowls are provided courtesy of an anonymous artisan who creates them out of unwanted wood. The emphasis is on the imperfections, which develop through the natural process of overcoming challenges.  In the turning of each bowl, it’s unique qualities and hidden strengths are showcased, revealing a beautiful piece of art to be shared and passed on.  We are these bowls.  Everyday, we have a choice to meet the challenges, grow stranger and inspire others. 

The message of each bowl is, “Through our differences; we inspire others.”

 B.Y.O.B.  Bring Your Own Bowl

You can introduce this simple idea into your home by placing a special family bowl on a table with notepad and pen nearby.  You can choose a family member that needs encouragement or it can be a gratitude bowl that is filled with appreciation and read at holidays or special events.