Hey Kids! Hop aboard the Crane Train +


Have you seen our Recycle Love movie? Check it out…


Trash to Treasure

Take a look at the cranes in our video. Can you believe they’re made from trash? We used stuff that people throw away… magazines, posters, advertisements; paper that would have ended up in the land fill. It’s a simple way to help people understand that we all have the power to discover the hidden beauty in everything and everyone.


Make a Wish. Make a Crane. Make a Difference.

Traditionally it’s believed that if you fold 1000 origami cranes, your wish will come true. It takes a LOT of time to fold 1000 cranes so we decided it would be easier and more fun to get a bunch of kids, big and small, from all over the world to fold one crane. Imagine kids in countries all over the world, united to support each other’s dreams.


Why a train?

Why not a bus, a car, a boat or a plane? It’s simple. One word, connection. Without connection, it wouldn’t be called a train. Kids naturally connect. Children remind us that curiosity is good, fun is important and play makes us smile. We believe that kids have the power to Open Hearts, and that even the smallest child can Dream Big. All Aboard!! The Crane Train is leaving the station. Are you ready for an adventure?


How can you be a part of this monumental undertaking? It’s simple. Send us a photo of your crane, hanging in a tree, on a car, on your dog’s tail, along with your written wish, and we’ll share them with everyone.

We imagine kids in classrooms worldwide reaching out to join us in this global project. Tell your friends. Tell your teachers. Tell the world. Sharing@oneworldheartproject.org*


Making cranes is fun and good for you!

Can folding origami cranes make you smarter? Yes!


Pssst…..Parents…..heads up…..

* Origami is one avenue that provides both mental and physical stimulus.

* Origami helps develop fine motor skills and mental concentration.

* Using our hands activates both hemispheres of the brain.

* Memory, non-verbal thinking, attention, and imagination are awakened.

* Turning a simple piece of paper into an artistic creation is emotionally satisfying.

* Many find the folding of paper, a form of relaxation and meditation.

* It promotes cooperation and well-being.

* It connect people of all ages.


Make a wish! Make a crane! Make a difference!





How to make an Origami Crane Video


How to make an Origami Heart video


Hey Kids!! Make a crane using your favorite color. 

Red represents love.

Pink represents happiness, tenderness, best friends.

Orange represents enthusiasm and energy.

Yellow stands for freedom and joy.

Green is the color of healing and harmony.

Blue represents trust and loyalty.

Purple represents wisdom.

White represents the hope for the future and innocence.

Brown represents grounding, trust and loyalty.

Black is the color of strength and stability.


*If you would like to be credited, please also include your name and country. By submitting your video, you grant the One World Heart Project permission to use it on our web site, videos, books and/or for any other promotional purposes regarding the One World Heart Project. We reserve the right to discard any videos that do not fit with our vision. We respect your privacy. We will never sell or trade your e-mail address.[wpsr_socialbts]