Join us and make a difference.  Add the Give.  +

How?  By Taking Action.

Hand out Love Tags.  Share Dog Tags.  Have a Flip Side party at school. Team up with fellow dog lovers.  “Add the Give” to your Everyday Life.  Make an inspirational video.  You have the Power to Change someone’s life! Share your stories with us so we can inspire others!

Are you tired of hearing all the negative messages in the media today. Can it really be that bad or are we only hearing one side of the story? We know there is good in the world. The One World Heart Project is looking for people who care, people who have ideas about how to live a better life and most importantly, people who are willing to TAKE ACTION!  Remember, it is not what we have, but what we give. Giving awakens our joy by reuniting us with those parts of ourselves that dream of a better world. If you have ever thought that there must be something more you can do to be of service to others, but have been stymied as to just how to make it happen, then congratulations! You have heard the call of millions of people who need your help, who need your commitment and who need you.

Check out our Giving Ideas.  Create some of your own.  Just Add the Give +

Action Item Give What You Have +Download our GX Qualities sheet and help us share the message.
Action Item Love Tag +What is a LOVE tag? It’s a simple act of caring.Learn more
Action Item Dog Tags +Meet Dr. Barkus Wellbe! He’s our resident expert dedicated to helping us “Become the humans our dogs think we are”.Learn more
Action Item Flip Side +What if we could change the world by opening our hearts and sharing our untold stories of hope, inspiration and love? Well, we have a CRAZY idea! Let’s do it.Participate in the Flip Side.
Action Item Paws & Give +Paws and Give is a community initiative dedicated to raising awareness that the transformative power of our relationships with animals not only has a positive effect on us individually but also invites greater understanding and compassion in our communities.Learn more
Action Item Meals with a Message +A program that makes sack lunches and delivers them to the homeless in our community.

Learn more

Action Item Good 2 Go +Good 2 Go is a simple idea that connects daily activity with generosity.Learn more

Action Item

Share Your Story +What is a mini documentary? It is a 30 second to 3 minute video that tells a story about love, shares a message of hope and inspires positive change. Surprise us, be creative, be resourceful, be original.Watch Your Videos

Learn more

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead