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“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
– Sir Winston Churchill

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All donations are tax exempt and dedicated exclusively towards the creation, develop and implementation of projects that inspire and educate people of all ages about the individual and collective benefits of committing to living a kinder life.


FlipSide Book  
FlipSide Book – $5.00

It’s time to reconnect on a new level. Every person on this planet has wisdom to share, a bit of common sense advice that they have learned along the way. This is a chance to offer your advice, share your thoughts and leave a positive impression in someone’s life. Just imagine how many lives you can touch. Our collective insights just might help all of us “rewind the way we live.”

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LoveTag Deck of Cards  
Love Tags – $5.00

The Love Tag deck is a set of 52 cards that offer simple suggestions for acts of kindness.  We are committed to offering these to schools in conjunction with our “Magic of Making a Difference” program that teaches children about the power of choice and the wisdom of kindness.  Leave these cards in public places, in your childs’ lunchbox or at the office to help spread messages of kindness in the world.

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Dog Tags – $5.00

The Dog Tag deck is a set of 52 cards that share positive messages about life from a dogs perspective. Dr. Barkus Wellbe share messages to to help us “Become the humans our dogs think we are”.

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We at One World Heart Project strongly believe in humankind. We believe that everyone has the ability and the resources to help make the world a kinder place. We know we are not alone. Many people worldwide are gathering to support this evolving awareness by sharing their own unique messages of hope and inspiration. Our message is simple. We are committed to creating opportunities that raise awareness about the power of small acts of kindness and showcasing the basic idea that taking action and showing genuine concern for each other in our daily lives can change the way we live.

We need your help to continue to make this dream a reality.