Giving is Good for YOU! Check it out √


***caution giving can be habit-forming


√ Just five minutes of gratitude can shift the nervous system to a calm state.

√ The more gratitude we feel; the faster we heal.


√ Listening works because we are hardwired to include others with whom we bond, even if they are different than us. Oxytocin, which facilitates bonding, seems to be released in response to social interaction (listening).

√ Oxytocin, paired with social support, was linked to increased calmness, reduced anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortical in the saliva.


√ Compassion calms and connects.

√ Compassion and spirituality are hardwired.

√ Compassion is linked with powerful feel-good experiences like connectedness and spirituality.

√ Compassion “lights up your brain” with positive emotions.


√ Helpfulness protects our mental and physical health.

√ Helpfulness is linked to leadership and high self esteem .

√ Helpfulness gives us a feeling of power along with love.

√ Helpfulness is linked to social competence.


√ Loyal friendship protects against depression and boosts self esteem. 

√ People in loyal, healthy, happy long term marriages, also felt strong love for others.

√ Women are particularly good at loyal relationships and may be hardwired to respond to difficult times by bonding with others.


√ Respect reduces stress and is even more important in tough times.

√ Helps us feel that we have value.

√ Appears to have a positive impact on stress related health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass and inflammation.


√ The personality trait most linked to creativity is openness to experience.

√ Creative experience brings us into a state of “Flow”.

√ Creative individuals have high-physical energy and are playful and flexible.

√ Creative people have a sense of vitality.

√ Creative people are curious, assertive and self assured.

√ Creativity is linked with joy.


√ Laughter elevates the secretion of our natural mood-enhancing chemicals and decreases levels of stress.

√ Laughter releases the feel-good chemical dopamine.

√ Humor is linked to better heart health, higher self esteem and psychological well-being.

√ One hundred laughs is the aerobic equivalent of ten minutes spent rowing.


√ Hardiness is a core trait of courageous individuals.

√ Courage generates joy and connection.

√ Courage is contagious: people who witness bravery feel inspired to act courageously.


√ Forgiving others improves health more than being forgiven.

√ Forgiveness alleviates depression.

√ Forgiveness boosts mood and reduces anger.

√ Forgiveness lowers stress hormones.