When “I” is replaced by “We”, Illness becomes Wellness. 


Gx Wellness is the ONLY values centered, evidenced-based wellness program that practically applies the research outlined in the bestselling book “Why Good Things Happen to Good People” by internationally acclaimed author Dr. Stephen Post, a recognized expert in the field of wellness and health.  Dr. Post has been quoted in more than 3000 national and international newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Parade Magazine, U.S. News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal. 

Gx Wellness applies its simple, cutting edge approach to wellness by addressing the basics:
*stress management
*physical fitness
*cognitive fitness
*social emotional resilience

Additionally, Gx showcases a simple, transformative idea for designing a healthier, happier workplace:  Values.  We offer 10 core values; helpfulness, gratitude, respect, loyalty, courage, forgiveness, listening, humor, compassion and creativity.  Our program is designed to raise awareness about the individual health benefits of each value and offer practical tips for implementation in the workplace.

Healthy organizations attract healthy people.

Businesses that create a culture of well-being are more effective, productive, vital and successful.  Bottom line?  Employees who are cared for….Care!  Well-being considers the whole person; physical health, emotional resilience and mental strength.

A business that makes wellness a priority is investing in their most important resource, their employees, the people that wake up every day passionate about who they are and confident that their daily contribution adds value to the organization. 

One World Heart Project is dedicated to our vision of bringing out the best in people so they can bring out the best in each other.   We plant the seeds of goodness, you reap the harvest.  A workplace committed to supporting Health through Humanity.

To learn more or schedule a program, contact Cam Vuksinich   camv@oneworldheartproject.org