Introducing Karmaceuticals

Do you have trouble listening? Perhaps the day disappears on you, and you don’t know where the time went. Do the joyous occasions seem drab and gray?

We can help.

The Karmaceuticals line of products — each one a bonafide cure for these ailments and others — will solve these problems. From our Listening Eardrops to our Time Capsules to our Humor Suppositories, there’s something in our product line for everything.


Our products are the result of literally millions of years of trials, forged by the tests of evolution. They’re universally approved by every agency from every governing body known to man, and there are zero adverse side effects from ANY of them.

All of them only have one active ingredient. And it’s available in limitless quantities across the globe.


Take a moment and discuss Karmaceutical options with your doctor. Or take them without a prescription, because you don’t need one. They’re only good-habit forming. And they’re free. For the world.

Karmaceuticals. Because your health is worth more than just a drug.




Creativity Eardrops




Humor Suppositories

Listening Ear Drops



Time Capsules