Circle.   Circle.   Dot.   Dot.   Now you have the Cootie Shot!

Yikes!!  Cooties!?!  How do you get rid of Cooties?   One drop of Kindness dissolves Cooties faster than you can say Cootie Shot!  That’s why we decided to create Kindness Katchers.  We thought it might be a fun way to learn about colors, numbers and kindness;  important stuff that you need to know.  A Kindness Katcher is a game that is easy to download and fun to share with your friends.  If you already know your colors and numbers, you can still play the game to learn more about kindness.

How do you play the game?  It’s easy.  

1.  Follow the youtube directions to fold it

2.  Find a friend  

3.  Pick a color.  Spell  it out using the Kindness Katcher

4.  Pick a number.  Count it out using the Kindness Katcher

5.  Lift the flap, be kind and have fun

Good Qualities
Kindness Katcher

Click the image below to get yours

Just for Fun
Kindness Katcher

Click the image below to get yours


The History of Cootie Catchers


Hey kids!  How about a few jokes to share with your friends…

What is a cat’s favorite color?

What color is a burp?

What color is the wind?

What color is a healthy reader?

What did the zero say to the 8?
( Nice belt)

Why is the number 6 so scared?
(Because seven eight nine!)

Why do golfers carry a spare pair of socks?
(Because they might get a hole in one)

What has 4 wheels and flies?
(A garbage truck)


pssst…..parents…..we found a great way to help your kids learn to be kind..