One World Heart Project is dedicated to inspiring a more compassionate society by educating people about the health benefits of good deeds and empowering them to live more fulfilling lives.  We offer films that inspire, products that motivate, educational programs that foster human connection and campaigns that raise awareness about the power of simple acts of giving.  (Our programs are based on the tenets of positive psychology, the study of humans.)

One World Heart Project has a plan. It’s simple.

Add the Give +


We made an interesting discovery. People believe that when you give; you have less. While the belief may be true for “stuff” it is not true about love. When you hug your child, do you have fewer hugs to give the next day? When you smile at a stranger do you have one less smile for tomorrow? Is it possible to give and have more? The best way to understand this is the “Tree in the Seed.”

The next time you eat an orange and find a seed, look at it; you are looking at the beginning of an orange grove. That one seed, over time, under the right conditions, will cover an entire field with orange trees. The same is true for giving. One smile leads to another. That small seed nestled in your hand contains the dream of a tree. Each smile, every act of kindness, no matter how small holds the promise of a kinder world. It’s up to you to remember the power of one “seed.“ Plant it and watch it grow.

There are infinite ways to give. The National Giving Xperiment is one.

The One World Heart Project created a survey of 10 categories (seeds), courage, forgiveness, respect, compassion, helpfulness, gratitude, listening, humor, loyalty and creativity. Our plan is to recruit thousands, hopefully hundreds of thousands of people to participate in our campaign, plant these seeds in their life and inspire a more compassionate society. How?

1. Take the survey click here

2. Discover your strengths

3. Share them with your family, friends and neighbors

4. Encourage them to take the surveys

5. Start a GX Book Club

6. Share your stories with us. On Facebook or

7. Have fun.

To foster long term transformation, we are developing educational programs that teach mindfulness to encourage self-awareness and inspire self-giving in homes, schools and the workplace. An important component of these presentations is to showcase the research that supports the health benefits of altruism. We also understand the impact of visual media to spread this message. We are creating short films that “wake people up” to the transformational power of simple acts of self-giving.