“Pledge to be the human your dog thinks you are”


“What’s your name?” I looked up, smiling, ready to answer when I realized that the person was talking to my dog. This was the beginning of a new career as my dog’s ventriloquist. Dogs seem to have a natural ability to reach out and make friends. As children we were the same way. Dogs help us remember the best parts of being human.
The Paws & Give initiative brings dog lovers together to make friends, build community and create opportunities to make a “pawsitive” difference in the world.
So what does this mean?
First, our animals have much to teach us about how to be better humans. Our dogs give so much and ask for so little in return. If we could learn to communicate without judgment and wag our tails a little more often, this world would be a better place.
Can you dig it? If yes, keep reading.
Second, dogs are natural people magnets. They bring neighbors together on daily walks, strangers in parks stop to comment and share stories about their dogs, and every day, thousands of people across the country gather at dog parks to watch their furry friends experience the pure joy that comes from play. Dogs help us build relationships without even trying. Are you wagging your tail in agreement?
Paws & Give wants to take this one step further and build a community to help spread kindness to others. How can you help? It’s easy.

Step One: Reach out and meet your fellow dog lovers, at dog parks, in your neighborhood, at your local pet store.

Step Two: Plan a Paws & Give event, nothing fancy or complicated, just ask your friends to bring an item for a local non profit the next time to meet.  Here are some ideas:
– a donation of food for families in need
– blankets or toys for a shelter dog
– school supplies for under-privileged kids
– toiletries for homeless shelters
– or a cause that is close to your heart. They need your help.
At our first Paws & Give event, in only two hours, we filled an RV with donations of gently used pet toys, paper towels for clean up, pet food and peanut butter to “help the medicine go down” for the shelter animals at Max Fund.
In this age of virtual networks, this is a great, real world opportunity to meet new friends, play with dogs and make a difference in your community. It’s a win-win-win. Connect with your dog loving friends and co-workers and find a local non-profit that needs your help. Form your own team to help collect and deliver needed supplies.

+ It’s our symbol for “Add the Give.”  Anytime you see it….Give