“I have one simple message to offer and it’s this: giving is the most potent force on the planet. Giving is the one kind of love you can count on, because you can always choose it: it’s always within your power to give.”
~ Stephen Post PhD “Why Good Things Happen to Good People”

As the head of the Institute for the Research of Unlimited Love, Dr Post has funded studies and seen scientific proof of the power of giving. In his book, he writes about The New Science of Love and Health, “…giving protects overall health twice as much as aspirin protects against heart disease. Giving protects the giver at all ages and stages of life….But the remarkable good news is that, over the past ten years, we have about 500 hundred serious scientific studies that demonstrate the power of unselfish love to enhance health.

* Giving in high school predicts good physical and mental health all the way into late adulthood, a time interval of over 50 years.

* Giving Reduces Mortality significantly in later life, even when you start late.

* Giving reduces adolescent depression and suicide risk.

* Giving is more powerful than receiving in its ability to reduce mortality.

“Love cures – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”
~Dr Karl Menninger


One of the most astonishing discoveries is that our thoughts have the power to immediately change the world. Yes, that’s correct. What you are thinking Right Now can transform the consciousness of the planet. Read more about this exciting news…..


It is hard not to be aware of the challenges in our world today. Hunger, poverty, terrorism and genocide have become common words in our language and, in millions of cases, first-hand experiences. Many people want to help but don’t know where to start, what to do, or how to be of service. The answer is simple: by paying attention to your own actions, thoughts and words, you can actually change the energy that you transmit.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an experiment to prove that our collective thoughts and emotions can make a measurable impact on the world.

The project was born in the 1930’s when Professor J.B. Rhine and his colleagues at Duke University began to systematically study mind-matter interactions by examining whether the mind can influence tossed dice. These studies continued into the 1970’s when researchers began focusing on process-oriented research to try to better understand the complex mind-matter relationship. In 1995, Dr. Nelson developed new experiments about whether or not the act of coherent attention might be an important component in producing mind-matter interaction effects. Could the ordered minds of groups of people generate something that directly influenced physical reality? And could such a mental ordering principle be detected in a physical device?

As you might expect, the results have been rather astounding. In fact, they have led researchers to the conclusion that it’s highly likely that the ordered mind is somehow reflected in the physical world. It appears that as the global consciousness moves, so does matter.

In 1997, Princeton University’s Dr. Robert Nelson and a group of colleagues determined that a worldwide network of electronic devices (accessible through the Internet) was needed. This would allow comparisons to be made between newsworthy events and mental outputs. And thus, the GCP was born. Co-sponsored by the Noetic Institute, the GCP has grown to include more than 70 participants and 50 tracking devices worldwide.

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PEAR PROJECT – Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Engineering and Consciousness

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The program involves rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering. Since its founding, an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, physicists, psychologists and humanists has conducted a comprehensive agenda of experiments and developed complementary theoretical models to enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality.


Institute of Noetic Sciences

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention and intuition. The Institute maintains a commitment to scientific rigor while exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models.