One World Heart Project was conceived in 2006.  It began as a casual exploration of the study of love.  A simple word that can’t be defined; but its extraordinary power, once experienced, cannot be denied. We witness it as courage, compassion, forgiveness, loyalty, respect and creativity.  We know that love unites us during times of disaster and empowers us to rise in times of need.  We realized that love needn’t be reserved for extraordinary times.  We believe it’s not only possible to harness the power of love in ordinary moments but absolutely necessary for the good of humanity.  We are dedicated to empowering loving connections catalyzed through opportunity not just crisis.

The project evolved into a study of prosocial human behaviors.  We, in a non-scientific manner, tested the idea by setting up opportunities to engage in simple acts of giving. If people were offered the opportunity to give of themselves, would they do so?  For two years, we showed up at dog parks and fitness classes.  We told the attendees that we would return one month later to collect food for food banks, school supplies for homeless children, or items for dog shelters.  Bottom line?  We were humbled by the response.  Not only did people give, it became they primary reason they returned on that day.  They shared stories of how one simple act of giving, not only felt good but also changed the way they lived.  These tales inspired us and we decided to move forward with our plan to explore daily acts of altruism.

We discovered a book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People by acclaimed author Stephen Post PhD.   His organization, The Institute for the Research on Unlimited Love, founded through the support of the Templeton Foundation, studies the science of love and loving behaviors.  After many delightful conversations, and Stephen’s generous support, the Giving Xperiment was created.  The Giving Xperiment is a strategy for promoting value-centered, prosocial emotions and behaviors: from our      light-hearted Karmaceutical campaign to our comprehensive twelve month Gx Leadership Training, Gx is a transformational tool for improving the health and well-being of individuals and organizations.  Gx also offers the Love and Longevity Scale (Gx surveys), a scientifically based tool for measuring loving behaviors.  The surveys can help people learn about themselves and discover strengths that support resilience and happiness.

We continue to evolve, but never waiver from our mission to inspire a healthier, more compassionate society by educating people about the health benefits of goodness and giving.