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cam2 Cam Vuksinich

Founder / President

I have invested over 35 years in independent research of psychology, philosophy, comparative religions, physiology, kinesiology, physics and consciousness studies. I am fascinated by life and infinitely curious about human nature. I have pursued an education that emphasizes a Mind Body approach. I work with individuals who are open to learning and focused on growing. I have worked with a variety of clients from professional athletes to actors, scientists, politicians, moms, dads and kids. These people, from all walks of life and many different countries are a blessing in my life. They are all extraordinary individuals. I am honored to have shared their time.

My degrees and certifications emphasize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of development and training.

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy III
Certified Transpersonal NLP Practitioner
Body Wisdom Certification
Licensed Brain Gym™ Instructor/ Educator
Trained in Masgutova Method MNRI with Dr Svetlana Masgutova
Intuitive Practitioner Level 3 NICABM with Dr. Christine Page
3 year training in Esoteric Psychology
ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Certification
Cooper Institute Health and Fitness Specialist Certification (CI-CPT)
Extensive training in Energy Psychology
PSYCH-K™ practitioner
Continuing Education in Consciousness Studies
Newfield Ontological Coaching Graduate
Newfield Certified Coach NCC™
Certified Gerontological Fitness Trainer  University of Denver
Extensive training in Meditation techniques including Mindfulness
Member of ICF  International Coaching Federation
Member of AHMA American Holistic Medical Association
Owner Creative Insights Coaching LLC (1995-present)
Founder/President of One World Heart Project 501c3  (2010-present
Developer of The Point Meditation DVD series
Author of Better Than Cheese children’s book
Co-Founder of Cutting Edge Fitness Training UCHSC School of Nursing
Co-Developer of Gerontological Fitness Program University of Denver

I dedicate between 50-100 hours a year to Continuing Education Training

On a Personal Note

I love to travel. I have managed to make my way around the world a couple of times and have visited every continent except Antarctica. I enjoy the diversity each culture offers and the wisdom every person has to share. I have trekked in the Himalayas and snorkeled in the South Pacific. I have held babies and played with children in Africa, Burma and Bali. I have shared precious memories with the Elders in China, Vietnam and Thailand. I had a wombat on my lap in Australia and a monkey in my arms in India. I have found that our similarities are much greater than our differences. And I have found it is our differences that make the world so interesting.

My Story

When I was a child, I dreamed of seeing the world and visiting all the magical places described in my favorite books. I believed that exploring the Pyramids in Egypt, walking on the Great Wall of China and traveling to the four corners of the earth would satisfy the longing in my heart. Over the course of 20 years, I logged hundreds of thousands of miles, met extraordinary people and immersed myself in cultures the polar opposite of my own. People would often say it takes guts to travel to places so different and unknown. I ultimately discovered the greatest journey is the one that takes a lifetime to complete….the 18 inches between our head and our heart. And the most courageous decision we ever make is to love. Love is what we all long for and have the power to give now. We spend our entire lives hoping for the promise of love. Maybe this journey is more simple than we think. The word promise means, ” to send forth.” Maybe what we are looking for can only be found by traveling that 18 inches to our heart and “sending forth” the power that lives there….the power we call Love.

“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”

― Mother Teresa


Dana Knauff

Dana Knauff

Dana lives in Parker, Co. with her family and pets. She has been teaching preschool since 2004 and earned her Early Childhood Director qualifications in 2012. She has taught and worked with children in a variety of capacities including swimming lessons, skiing instruction, horseback riding lessons. She has had the privilege of working with young children of all abilities. Her current classroom is an inclusive classroom and she works with a team of specialist providing instruction and support for three to five year olds. She has seen how important teaching social skills is for these young learners and is excited to share Amazing Mouse in her own classroom and with other teachers, parents and the community! 



Director of GX Program Development

I have worked in a variety of industries from legal to civic. I am fascinated by human beings and organizations. My learning has emphasized how people grow and develop, and how they come together to interact within organizations of any type, from family to corporations. I love support work, developing programs and creating opportunities for people to see things in a new way.

In my coaching, I work with clients from all walks of life from business owners and entrepreneurs to people in life transitions. I believe that we are transformed through our interaction with others.

My education and experience emphasize the diversity of learning that has become a solid foundation to support others.

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International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach

Newfield Certified Coach NCC™

Newfield Ontological Coaching Graduate

Coaching Excellence in Organizations Graduate

Director of Program Development, One World Heart Project 501(c)3 (2012-present)

Program Director, Newfield Network (2008-2012)

Alba of Emoting 32 hour Workshop 2013

Leadership Douglas County Graduate

Douglas/Elbert Task Force Board Member (2012-2014)

Association of Coach Training Organizations Board Member (2010-present)

Colorado Association of Libraries Legislative Committee Co-Chair (2006-2008)

Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce Government Issues Committee Co-Chair (2006-2008)

Leadership Douglas County Steering Committee Co-Chair (2005-2006)

Zonta of Douglas County Board Director (2001-2008)Years ago I became fascinated with the idea that all life is built around a base particle that is responsive to love. And that if we can learn to be love, we can create, transform and align with life in a way that using force doesn’t allow. Since then I have been in questions of love. “Is this how love would behave?” “What does love look like in this instance?” “Is love equitable?”There is no one answer, or one expression of love. One World Heart and The Giving Experiment bring my questions into practical application. We can take love and look at the aspects of being that encompass love. Life is always converging…for me, my life has been converging toward this – toward developing ways to engage and train ourselves to be love.

Joseph Campbell taught us about the Hero’s Journey as a way to see our lives. The Hero’s Journey demands a return to share. It is not enough that we journey and learn, struggle and grow, we must ultimately share what we have learned and experienced. Our journey can only come to completion through sharing. The Giving Experiment puts this principle into action. It allows us to live in balance with our physical and spiritual aspects. It allows us to learn to live in the moment. It allows us to complete our journey.I am so grateful to have been asked to participate in this project. The circle completes and in completing, never ends.


Kali Demmel
Chief Mom Ambassador

I have been personally impacted and forever transformed by the power of the heart-felt message OWHP shares with the world. With expanded understanding and through the blessings of my own experiences, I believe that profound transformation can occur based on the power of human connection. Not only am I honored to be a part of such a powerful organization, but also feel deeply compelled to live out the heart-based message by spreading love and compassion. I, alongside my amazing son Rocket, feel greatly inspired to be a part of something, which I believe with every ounce of my being, will create a brighter future. 

Beyond college education and entrepreneurial experiences, I have identified a greater purpose in life through OWHP and have since started a business, The Art of Simpli Living, which encourages humanity to embrace the element of simplicity in daily thoughts, behaviors and actions. I have discovered that when we simply nourish and balance our body, mind and heart, we are better able to create a life of purpose based on our true nature and allow ourselves the opportunity to manifest our dreams. 

As I continue to be amazed at the infinite potential we are blessed with as human beings, my passion for soul searching continues to grow and my experience continues to reflect the absolute power that lies in heart-based perceptions and behaviors. It excites me to feel that the more we explore these concepts, the closer we are to unlocking our universal potential.



Stacey LaneStacey Lane
Chief Creative Officer
When I was a small girl I dreamed of growing up to be a philanthropist. I didn’t know the name for it at the time but I knew I wanted to help create a better world. I had dreams of creating animal sanctuaries, homes for the homeless and all sorts of ways to help make the world a better place. I’m 36 now and my job as a freelance graphic designer hasn’t paid me well enough to become a philanthropist. I’m still dreamin’ though which is why I came to the One World Heart Project.Cam shared the musings that had been coming to her and we embarked on the journey to create the OWHP. We didn’t know exactly what it was, but that it had to do with creating a better world and uplifting the human spirit. The OWHP has grown from the seeds of dreams and for four years we’ve been watering those seeds and watching it bloom.




Victoria Albright

Human Connection Team
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Victoria has supported organizations for more than 30 years as a volunteer, in service to numerous causes including: supporting the aged and end of life support, family and children’s causes, and meal services to the needy.

Victoria supports and leads fundraising campaigns for causes that touch her heart.

In 2013, Victoria was acknowledged publicly for leading the fundraising efforts on a campaign that provided critical support for a survivor of a random act of violence. Most recently, Think Global Flight and One World Heart Project are tops on her in-service, volunteer priorities. 

Victoria currently works as a consultant to Pulsed Harmonix (www.pulsedharmonix.com), and has arranged PHx’s TruePulse A2000 PEMF wellness device to be used on the Think Global Flight mission around-the-world! Pulsed EMF technology was pioneered by NASA, with over 50 years of research. PEMF therapy has a wide range of applications. Among those that especially interest Victoria, are the potential applications for helping veterans, women, and children who suffer from stress and trauma.

Victoria coordinated the One World Heart Project as a supporting component of Think Global Flight. Victoria is working with her teammate, Cam Vuksinich, to deliver the cohesive message of:

Fostering S.T.E.M. Education – Green Technology – Human Connection.

Chris Manos
Chief Magic Officer
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I’m a people watcher, it seems as though I continually scan my environment to discover the overlooked gems of life. On a visit to Oahu in the early 80’s I decided to check out Pearl Harbor. It is a respectful place, a place for reflection. You don’t hear the sounds of kids playing, running or screaming. Occasionally you can hear a sniffle or two. I was standing in the middle of a long walkway leading to the National Park, and coming down from the hill was a fragile elderly Japanese gentleman who was sporting a jacket, tie and walking cane. He was crouched over and had his head angled back quite far so that he could see where he was going. I had concluded that he was a Japanese soldier during the war.Coming from the opposite direction was an equally disabled US veteran from World War 2 wearing the traditional blue ball cap emblazoned with his ship’s name, awards and rank insignia. The American was walking with the assistance of a four legged walker. I watched them as they slowly drew closer to each other; their eyes met and I could tell they were trying to sort out what to do during their inevitable passing on the sidewalk.I did not move from my spot which coincidently was where they eventually connected. They both stopped and stared into each others eyes. I saw tears coming down from the two them. Without a word, they embraced and at the same time they both said, “Sorry.”Two strangers meeting from different and adversarial backgrounds made peace with each other that day – It only took a moment.These are the type of things that make a difference in this world and why I am a part of The One World Heart Project.

Kristy Sumner
Read about Kristy
Kristy Sumner joined the One World Heart Project because she wanted to work with individuals who, like herself, saw a need to create more positive inspiration in the world. With numerous initiatives that inspire positive change, the One World Heart Project is a fun and exciting atmosphere that counters the negativity that is present in today’s society. The initiatives that inspire Kristy the most are those that involve interaction with community members. When not working with the One World Heart Project, Kristy is a professor at Metro State College of Denver.



Constance Byrne
Meals with a Message
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How many times have you come to a red light and noticed someone standing there with a cardboard sign asking for some sort of assistance? Did you offer something to them or did you just turn away? Most people turn away. This touched my heart, the lack of compassion for those out on the streets.I was alone one Christmas, recently divorced and heartbroken because of it. I cried for hours on end as I watched people come and go to share the holiday with their family and friends.I had no where to go and no one to be with. It was the emptiest feeling. The feeling of loneliness and isolation cut like a knife. I asked God to lessen the pain. It was excruciating. And suddenly, this thought came into my head…there are people far worse than myself. The next thought was the people on the corners! They most likely feel this way most of the time. Lonely, isolated, afraid, hungry. Hungry?? I wasn’t having Christmas dinner, I was sure they weren’t either. Before long, I put on my boots, went to the market, bought lots of food, came home and made 25 brown lunch bags filled with food. I tied red ribbons around them, jumped in my car, headed downtown, and looked for the people who stand on the corners. I gave out all my bags, I could have had more.The gratitude of these people was beyond belief. Not only did I help them, they helped me in so many ways. It got me out of my own pain by helping someone who also was in pain. It made me realize that the average person, just by taking a little time, can do so much for another. It also made me realize that any one of us could end up in their position and that they are people and deserve the same amount of kindness and love as we all do. I’ve gone out on my “food runs” a few more times, I’ve learned their names. I’ve talked with them. Now, I know their stories.I want to have a purposeful life, not just an existence. I want to leave a footprint. I want to help. I want to love. I want to live with passion. Something came alive in me that Christmas day; it changed me forever….they changed me. And I thank them for that. They are the most wonderful, interesting, colorful people I have come across. I will do this forever. I am grateful now for that lonely Christmas day 2 years ago, it was a gift! I’ll never forget the 25th bag I gave out. This old fellow, who had obviously been out on the streets for a long time, looked at me with tears in his eyes as I gave him the bag and asked me “Are you an angel?” I told him, “No, I’m not an angel, but you are to me.” And with tears in both our eyes we said “good-bye.” I’ve seen him again, I know his name…David. Or so he tells me. I’ll see him again. I’ll see them all again.

Frank Maroney
I Believe
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The journey of writing I Believe was both challenging and beautiful. When I was asked to do a sample song idea to present to the board members of the One World Heart Project I thought it would be easy. Instead I found a journey within myself that refined who I am. For weeks I tried to come up with something, anything, fighting against my self-fulfilling notion that my work had to be perfect, a fight I eventually realized was chronic and often in my way. Thankfully, the night before the deadline something clicked and the words and music started flowing. It was like the song fell into my lap and the verses and the chorus wrote themselves. It was a moment of pure inspiration. After setting away from the song for a day, I listened again and knew that I had created something special. The reaction from those that listened showed me it was important to stay with it and finish. But over the next days and months I fought with my own resistance to finish the song. There were moments of pain and frustration, but I slowly worked away writing line after line, melody after melody, trying to keep the magic of the original inspiration. It was as if I was growing with the song, fighting and clearing my own life obstacles as the song evolved. Every roadblock I hit in writing paralleled a lesson I was learning in my life. It was also difficult to finish the song because I was continuously questioning whether it was good enough, because I wouldn’t settle for anything less then perfection. Finally, when I learned to loosen my grip on perfection, the last piece of the song fell into place and it was done. The creation of I Believe took me on a journey that I didn’t know or imagine any song could ever take me on. I am grateful for the many lessons of life and I hope it will bring joy, love and peace to others. Finally, I Believe is ready to be shared with the world, and to share with you.




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I think that I was a dead man walking until the fall of 08. At the time I was working to create a magazine called “Grow to Be,” written to inspire people to turn their dreams into reality. I was able to create an issue but unable to get advertisers. Which ultimately cost my family our home. We were fortunate enough to find space at a shelter and never lived on the street. However, the lessons I learned that month changed my life forever. One night while sleep a sentence repeated in my mind over and over ” Don’t mistake slow progress for failure!” a phrase that to this day has become my mantra. This phrase helped me to understand that life is about action and taking steps toward our destiny, and through it all we must have the patience and confidence to see it through.During my time living homeless, I learned the gift of appreciation. Before that time I would describe my life as skydiving while texting. The beauty of the dive was being missed because I was too busy texting (not appreciating) life. Yes I went after my dreams and goals like there was no tomorrow but I was missing the entire picture because I wasn’t taking the time to appreciate the moments and life that I was given the opportunity to wake up to every morning. So I started to observe life on the smallest scale, moment by moment. I listened more, took time to enjoy things, like food, conversation, nature, laughter and smiles. I made the conscious effort to choose to live rather than waiting to die. I learned how to forgive and let go of the many grudges I was carrying around. I also noticed how the majority of people out there may have a home but are homeless in their souls. It seemed as though people couldn’t appreciate the gifts they already had.However it wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that I feel I corrected the course of my journey and began to follow my true path. I’m an artist and writer and in July of that year I wasn’t making any money and received several rejection letters for my children’s books. I felt I wasn’t good enough and challenged myself to get better. I started the “maze a day” project where I created a piece of art/maze everyday for a year and blogged about it. The previous six months and year during the project was the most difficult time in my life. I’d faced challenges that were consuming my soul and pushing my positive attitude and appreciation of life to the limit. But the project, my art, was the life raft that kept me afloat in the drowning tides of depression. I was able to keep a positive attitude and recognize and appreciate all in my life.I have transformed life’s ups and downs into confidence and believe I have a duty to share my words and art so that I can inspire others to take action and appreciate life.




Paws and Give
Research Assistant

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Have you ever noticed how much fun it is to roll in the grass and get junk all over you? Or run in circles just because you can? How about when a family comes home and you are so happy to see them that your whole body smiles…… although they seem to think they’ve only been gone for a minute to take out the trash. Well okay, I’m not sure what a minute means and as far as the trash goes….I have a lot of fun ideas if they would only ask me. The reason that I want to be a part of the One World Heart Project is because I love people and I think I can help them. I love my life and all the people and animals in it. Even the squirrels. We have an agreement. I see them. They freeze. I try to catch them, of course I never would, it’s part of our agreement. They run up the tree because that’s where they go. We’ve worked it out. Our goal is to play not win. I’m a big furry heart with four legs and I need my team members help. Although, I’m happy having a “big heart” sometimes I think thumbs would come in handy. People have thumbs. People also invent great things like cars …..oooooohhhhh……driving……..and cars……….I call them “rolling boxes” but that story is best left for another day. I want to help people remember all the great things they can do with their imaginations and their thumbs. I love being a research assistant with Paws & Give, the treats are one of the best perks of my job. I hope they bring in another dog soon. I told them I need an assistant but I really just want another friend.

One World Heart Project strongly believes in humankind. We believe that everyone has the ability and the resources to help make the world a kinder place. We know we are not alone. Many people worldwide are gathering to support this evolving awareness by sharing their own unique messages of hope and inspiration. Our message is simple. We are committed to creating opportunities that raise awareness about the power of small acts of kindness and showcasing the basic idea that taking action and showing genuine concern for each other in our daily lives can change the way we live. We need your help to continue to make this dream a reality.