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What do Thailand, Guam, New Zealand, Sweden, China, Argentina, Polynesia and the USA have in common?  Flip Books are there!  Volunteers have left Flip Books in each one of these countries and more.  We’re dropping off Flip Side books in public places. We’re leaving them on tables in restaurants, chairs in coffee shops, seats on buses. You never know where you might find one.

How does this work?  There are No Rules, but there is one guideline, that your primary intention be to positively inspire the next person that receives the FLIP SIDE book. Imagine, touching someone’s life and making a difference just because you took the time to share. When you’ve finished your page in the book, pass it on. Leave the journal in a public place (a library, a snack shop, a park bench) or give it to another person. Just keep the project moving. We want these journals to travel the world and inspire a new way of living. Please include your location so we can track the journey.
Why are we doing this? It’s time to reconnect on a new level. Every person on this planet has wisdom to share, a bit of common sense advice that they have learned along the way. This is a chance to share your story and leave a positive impression in someone’s life. Just imagine how many lives you can touch.
Flip Side BookIdea #1  Haven’t found a Flip Side book yet? No Problem. You can order some (link to Flip Side books) and help us spread the message.  Keep It Local. Take them to school,  church, work, encourage people to share a heartfelt story or a bit of life wisdom.  When your book is full, please send it back to us at One World Heart Project P.O. Box 101121  Denver CO 80250 or email us at so we can arrange for its return.

Idea #2 How about hosting a FLIP SIDE party? Invite your family and friends to share some time, some food and some stories.  Grandma Helen may surprise you by telling an amazing experience from her past.  Pass the book around, fill the pages and send it back. Buy Flip Side books now.
Idea #3 Looking for the easiest way to get started?  Download a copy of our cover with instructions for Flippin’.  Print it.  Fill it with blank paper. Share it.  Return it to us with your amazing stories at


Need a little inspiration? Check out our Questions and Topics for the Flip Side.

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*If you would like to be credited, please also include your name and country. By adding to this book, you grant the One World Heart Project permission to use it on our web site, videos, books and/or for any other promotional purposes regarding the One World Heart Project. We reserve the right to discard any content that does not fit with our vision. We respect your privacy. We will never sell or trade your e-mail address.

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