What does giving from the heart mean to you?

A Glass of Insight
I think giving is big. From the wallet, because usually its your own hard-earned money, but giving from the heart shows that you’re willing to give up a part of your own time and/or resources for the benefit of another. Which in and of itself marks a more personal, informal interest in the welfare of others. You can give from your wallet and still help the cause, but giving your time, especially with that personal interaction with the receiver is something different completely. I think the moment a person decides to give, is the moment they admit that as people we have somewhat of a responsibility to uphold each other. The positive effects can end up trickling down through generations as a grandmother might recall to her young grandchildren that someone reached out to her in a time of need. Illustrating how in a world that can sometimes seem so dark, there always have been and will be those beams of light called givers.
by Alante Thalley

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